Digitization of Construction Operations

Our client, a medium-sized construction company in Saudi Arabia, faced operational inefficiencies due to reliance on paper-based project management and documentation systems. Our consulting firm was engaged to digitize their construction operations for improved efficiency. We initiated the project by conducting…

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Market Expansion Strategy for a Modular Construction Startup

The modular construction startup faced limitations within the local market and sought to expand internationally to access new growth opportunities. Our consulting firm was engaged to develop a comprehensive market expansion strategy. Conducted an extensive market analysis to identify target international…

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Green Building Adoption Strategy

The client aimed to align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 sustainability goals but faced challenges in implementing green building practices. Our consulting firm was engaged to develop and implement a green building adoption strategy. Conducted a comprehensive sustainability assessment. Identified eco-friendly…

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Post-Merger Integration for a Construction Conglomerate

After a merger, the conglomerate faced challenges in integrating operations and managing cultural clashes, which affected efficiency and collaboration. Our consulting firm was engaged to facilitate a smooth post-merger integration process. Conducted a cultural assessment to understand differences and similarities. Aligned…

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Supply Chain Optimization for Construction Materials

The construction company faced challenges in efficiently sourcing construction materials, leading to delays and cost overruns in their projects. Our consulting firm was engaged to optimize their supply chain operations. Conducted an in-depth supply chain analysis. Evaluated existing vendor relationships and…

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Market Entry Strategy for International Construction Firm

The international construction firm faced challenges in entering the complex Saudi Arabian market due to strict regulations, fierce competition, and cultural nuances. Our strategy consulting firm developed a holistic market entry strategy to address these challenges. Conducted extensive market research and…

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Sustainability Strategy for a Local Construction Giant

The local construction giant faced challenges in aligning its practices with the sustainability goals set by Vision 2030 and the increasing demand for eco-friendly construction solutions. Our consulting firm was engaged to develop a sustainability strategy. Conducted a thorough sustainability assessment….

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Construction Project Turnaround Strategy

The construction firm faced severe project delays, cost overruns, and client dissatisfaction. Our consulting firm was engaged to develop and implement a turnaround strategy. We conducted a project audit, identified root causes, and implemented recovery plans. We revised project schedules, improved…

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Strategic Growth for a Specialized Construction Firm

The specialized construction firm faced limited growth opportunities within their niche sector, necessitating a strategic expansion plan. Our consulting firm was engaged to devise a strategy for sustainable growth. Conducted a comprehensive market analysis to identify growth avenues. Evaluated diversification opportunities…

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